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Precautions and maintenance of PVC floor


1.The floor should be cleaned every day and the surface of the PVC floor should be cleaned with a moist mop.

2.All kinds of dirt on the ground should be removed in time.

3.Use neutral detergent to clean the surface pollution with a semi-dry mop (dripping glue can be removed with 95% alcohol).

4.It is absolutely forbidden to soak the pvc floor in bright water. If it is soaked in water for a long time, it will seriously affect the service life of the floor. During the cleaning process, the sewage should be sucked dry in time.

5.It is absolutely forbidden to use hard and rough cleaning tools (such as steel balls, scouring pads, etc.) and prevent sharp objects from colliding with the pvc  floor

6.For heavy duty places and more wear and tear, the maintenance period should be shortened and the number of waxing times of high-strength facial wax should be increased.

7.It is strongly recommended to place foot rubbing pads at the entrance of public places with high traffic to prevent dirt and sand from being brought into the pvc flooring court.

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