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Five Characteristics of Volleyball Flooring


This article introduces the five advantages of the volleyball flooring.

Feature 1: The stable layer of the volleyball flooring is integrated with PET polyester woven cloth rigid support, and the structure is stable.

Feature 2: In terms of impact absorption: the rigid support of the volleyball flooring upgrades the ground rubber from point absorption to planar absorption structure, which improves the product's impact absorption and energy return performance. It has strong human protection and excellent sports feeling.

Feature 3: The volleyball flooring is made of high-quality materials, elastic structure, the floor feels comfortable, and the ball rebound rate is high.

Feature 4: The volleyball flooring uses high-quality PVC raw materials, environmentally friendly plasticizers, no formaldehyde, no heavy metals and other harmful substances. The floor is environmentally safe and protects a healthy sports environment.

Feature 5: The volleyball flooring has good ground adhesion, which can effectively prevent the venue from drifting.